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We used Primus Lending for the purchase of our home. Karl and the team were professional, patient and detailed. It is a nerve racking process which requires the buyer to fully understand mortgage business and having a partner like Primus by our side was essential to the success of closing on our house on a record time! I definitively recommend them.
— Yo G. from Los Angeles, CA

This lending group was very professional and helped me through the process as smooth as possible when buying my house. It can be nerve wrecking at times but with their patience and information, it put me at ease. I’m definitely looking forward to working with them in the future and/or refer a family/friend to this company. You should check them out if you have any questions.
— Danny L. from Downey, CA

I’ve been a customer of Primus for many years. The loan process is great. I will refer anyone looking for a home loan to this company.
— Tina H. from Inglewood, CA

Very professional staff! My refinance went exactly as they promised. No surprises . I’m self employed , not an easy applicant . Primus exceeded my expectations . Highly recommend.
— William J. from Burbank, CA

They helped me get out of my high interest PACE loan. I am so thankful to the team for helping me correct this mistake I had made.
— Nancy M. from Riverside, CA